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Reinforced Steel Plastic Geogrid for Retaining Wall

Steel Plastic Geogrid also called steel plastic composite geogrid. It is a kind of geosynthetics made from high strength steel. Compared with plastic geogrids, steel plastic geogrids have higher strength and stronger bearing capacity.

Steel plastic geogrid is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance and good wear resistance. It can avoid the damage caused by rolling equipment. This type of geogrids is more durable than plastic geogrid. Besides, steel plastic geogrid has a rough surface, which greatly increases the friction coefficient between geogrid and the soil. Its high friction coefficient increases the bearing capacity and stability of soil, therefore, steel plastic geogrid effectively enhances the bearing capacity of foundation and prevents the soil from lateral displacement.

Steel plastic geogrid has compact grid reinforcement system and excellent long-term performance. It is widely applied in the reinforcement of retaining wall, slopes, roads, railways, highways and bridge abutment, etc. Except for the common applications, due to its excellent corrosion resistance, steel plastic geogrid is ideal for coastal embankment reinforcement. This product is very economical. It can effectively shorten engineering cycle and greatly saves project cost.

There is a roll of steel plastic geogrid.

Steel plastic geogrid is usually delivered in rolls. This can greatly improve transport efficiency

Many rolls of steel plastic geogrids on the ground.

Cloth bags can protect steel plastic geogrids from being damaged during the transportation.

There is a steel plastic geogrid production machine.

The specialized production machines can ensure the high quality of our products.

Many rolls of steel plastic geogrids are spreading on the ground.

Steel plastic geogrids are widely applied in slope protection.


  • Width: commonly up to 6 m.
  • Raw material: high strength steel.
  • Coating materials: polyethylene or polypropylene.


  • High strength, small deformation.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Strong bearing capacity.
  • High friction coefficient.
  • Low elongation rate at break.


  • Widely applied in many areas: roads, railways, highways, bridge abutment, approach roads, docks, dams, retaining wall and so on.
  • Extensively used in the base reinforcement and soil stabilization.
  • Commonly used in the construction of parking lots, airport runways, embankments reservoirs and dams.

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