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Biaxial Geogrid with Excellent Reinforced Performance

Biaxial geogrid is a type of geogrids. It is made from high polymer. Biaxial geogrid has high strength in both longitudinal and transverse direction. It is made through the process of extruding, sheet forming, punching and stretching.

Biaxial geogrid has good bearing capacity. It can enhance soil structure and prevent soil erosion. This product is often used to prevent the road from reflective and fatigue cracking. Biaxial geogrid can effectively improve the long term durability of subgrade and greatly reduces road maintenance costs.

Biaxial geogrid has good resistance to long term degradation. It is suitable for various applications, such as embankment reinforcement, wall reinforcement, soil stabilization, slope protection and other permanent load bearing foundation reinforcement.

A piece of biaxial geogrid on a light gray background.

The stable two-directional structure can ensure the small deformation of biaxial geogrid.

A roll of biaxial geogrid.

The width, length and apertures of biaxial geogrid can be customized according to your needs.

A piece of biaxial geogrid under gravel.

Biaxial geogrid can reinforce various materials, such as gravel, stones, cement, concrete and asphalt.

A railroad is under construction.

Biaxial geogrid is widely applied in the subgrade reinforcement of railroad.


  • Material: polypropylene (PP) or copolyester.
Specifications example: Biaxial geogrid (BX11000)
Index Properties
Properties Units MD Values1 XMD Values1
Aperture Dimensions mm (in.) 25 (1.0) 33 (1.3)
Minimum Rib Thickness mm (in.) 0.76 (0.03) 0.76 (0.03)
Tensile Strength at 2% Strain kN/m (lb/ft.) 4.1 (280) 6.6 (450)
Tensile Strength at 5% Strain kN/m (lb/ft.) 8.5 (580) 13.4 (920)
Ultimate Tensile Strength kN/m (lb/ft.) 12.4 (850) 19.0 (1,300)
Structural Properties
Junction Efficiency % MD Values1
Flexural Stiffness mg-cm 250.000
Aperture Stability m-N/deg 0.32
Resistance to Installation Damage %SC/%SW/%GP 95/93/90
Resistance to Long Term Degradation % 100
Resistance to UV Degradation % 100
Roll Sizes m (ft.) 3.0 × 75.0 (9.8 × 246) ; 4.0 × 75.0 (13.1 × 246)

This is a common biaxial geogrid specifications list. Other specifications can be customized according to your specific requirements

A biaxial geogrid consists of nine square grids.

Biaxial is made up of longitudinal ribs, transverse ribs and junction knobs.


  • Good bearing capacity.
  • Stable aperture size.
  • High elastic modulus.
  • Small deformation.
  • High junction efficiency.
  • Quick installation.
  • Low maintenance costs.


  • Used in the reinforcement of parking lots, haul roads, landfills and airport runways.
  • Used to enhance the bearing capacity of railways and highways, etc.
  • Used to reinforce the durability of buildings and constructions.
  • Used to prevent landslide and ground subsidence.
A hand is pressing a piece of rectangular black biaxial geogrid.

Biaxial geogrid features good bearing capacity.

A hand is bending a piece of black biaxial geogrid.

Biaxial geogrid features high elastic modulus.

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