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Triaxial Geogrid with Enhanced Triangular Structure

Triaxial geogrid is a unique type of geogrid. This product is made from high-density polyethylene. Triaxial geogrid has a stable triangular structure. Based on the stable triangle form, its multi-directional structure is an innovation. This triangular structure can provide an enhanced bearing system, which can reduce the thickness of layers. For example, the application of triaxial geogrid in asphalt pavement can greatly reduces the layer of asphalt.

Triaxial geogrid has good creep resistance and high tensile strength. It can greatly improve pavement performance and extend the service life of ground. Compared with uniaxial geogrid and biaxial geogrid, triaxial geogrid has higher in-plane stiffness and better bearing capacity.

This product has a high efficiency in distributing loads. It can effectively prevent the ground from rutting, cracking and subsiding. Triaxial geogrid provides a cost effective solution for geotechnical engineering. It performs well in the reinforcement of soft soil, roadbed, subgrade and retaining wall.

A piece of hexagonal triaxial geogrid on a white background.

Hexagonal triaxial geogrid has good bearing capacity and excellent in-plane stiffness.

There is a piece of quadrangular triaxial geogrid.

Quadrangular triaxial geogrid has long term structural stability.

A piece of triaxial geogrid under gravel.

Triaxial geogrid is suitable for various soil conditions.

A piece of triaxial geogrid under soil.

Triaxial geogrid is extensively applied in soil stabilization and base reinforcement.

Triaxial geogrid Specifications:

  • Material: polyethylene yarn.
  • Rib section shape: rectangular.
  • Aperture shape: triangular.
  • Triaxial geogrid shape: hexagonal triaxial geogrid and quadrangular triaxial geogrid
  • Roll Sizes m (ft.): 3.0 × 75.0 (9.8 × 246); 4.0 × 75.0 (13.1 × 246).
Triaxial geogrid properties
Index properties Longitudinal Diagonal Transverse General
Rib pitch, mm (in.) 40 (1.60) 40 (1.60)    
Mid-rib depth, mm (in.)   1.3 (0.05) 1.2 (0.05)  
Mid-rib width, mm (in.)   0.9 (0.04) 1.2 (0.05)  
Rib shape       rectangular
Aperture shape       triangular

Other specifications can be customized according to your specific requirements


  • Stable triangular structure.
  • Small deformation.
  • Excellent bearing capacity.
  • Good resistance to chemical degradation.
  • High in-plane stiffness.
  • High junction efficiency.
Two hands are pressing a piece of black triaxial geogrid.

Triaxial geogrid with stable triangular structure.

Two hands are bending a piece of trixial geogrid.

Triaxial geogrid with high junction efficiency.


  • Applied in soil stabilization and embankment reinforcement.
  • Used to enhance retaining walls, slopes, subgrade, pavement and so on.

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