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Geocell - An Cost Effective Solution for Construction

Geocell is an unique type of three dimensional geosynthetics. It has a close-connected honeycomb structure. The honeycomb-like cells of geocell forms a compact cellular confinement system. The cells of geocells can reinforce various fill materials. It can be filled with soil, rocks, sand and so on. The close-connected structure among cells forms a compact interlocking system. Therefore, Geocell can largely decrease the flow rate on the earth's surface and effectively prevent the erosion channels from formation.

Geocell can greatly improve the structure of soil and aggregate infill materials. It performs well in preventing soil erosion and water loss. Geocell is easy to transport and install. It is extensively used in civil engineering and geotechnical applications.

There are two non-perforated geocells with smooth surface.

Non-perforated geocell is characterized by a smooth surface.

There is a piece of light gray perforated geocell.

Perforated geocells have many punched orderly holes.

Geocell specifications:

  • Material: high-density polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Standard: ISO 9001.
  • Types: perforated geocell; non-perforated geocell.
  • Colors: commonly black and gray. Also available in green, yellow and so on.
Property Test Unit  
Polymer Density ASTM D-1505 g/cm3 (lb/ft.3) 0.94 (58.7)
Environmental Stress Crack ASTM D-1693 hrs 4000
Carbon Black Content ASTM D-1603 % by weight 1.5% minimum
Nominal Sheet Thickness ASTM D-5199 mm (mils) 1.25 (50) 土 5%
Cell Depth   mm (in.) 75 (3.0)
Seam peel Strength   N (lbs) 1065 (240)

This is a specifications list of common geocell. The specifications of geocells can be customized according to your requirements.


  • Three dimensional structure.
  • Good erosion control.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • High seam strength.
  • Good resistance to vertical deflection.
  • Cost effective.


  • Tree root and river bed protection.
  • Channel wall, road, high way construction.
  • Soil and ground stabilization.
  • Slope, greenbelt and vegetation erosion control.
  • Load platform application.
  • Retaining wall, embankment and levees reinforcement.
A piece of green perforated geocell is filled with soft soil.

Geocell is suitable for the reinforcement of soft soil, cement, concrete and gravel.

A piece of black perforated geocell is on a grass ground.

Geocell is widely used in vegetation protection.

A large piece of black geocell is spreading on the road.

Geocell can largely improves the bearing capacity of roads. It is widely applied in the road reinforcement.

Gray geocells on the slope construction site.

Geocell can effectively prevent the slope from soil erosion and water loss.

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