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Analysis on Construction Technology and Details of geogrid Reinforced Earth Retaining Wall

1.Project example

The total length of an engineering is 94 m with rich surface water and the cover layer is pebble soil, which is softer and more saturated, with a thickness of 2m to 3m. There is plastic clay on the surface which allowable carrying capacity could reach 250 kPa to 300 kPa, the slope vegetation is shrubs and weeds, and the seismic intensity reaches 6 degrees, and there is no bad geology in the area. The underlying bedrock is purple red, mudstone, and so on. It is seriously weathered and becomes into crushed stone. In this engineering, it is prepared to adopt amorpha fruticosa linn, cynodon dactylon and festuca elata to maintain the wall.  

2.Specific engineering construction technology slender 

2.1.Foundation construction

The constructors shall pay attention to the depth of footing excavation during constructing. Taking this project as an example, it needs to be excavated to the top of the purple red lithotripsy or the top of the purple red sandstone. One side of the geogrid is lapped with reinforced material in the reinforced earth retaining wall, and the length of the lap is 1m.

2.2.The laying work of reinforced material 

The primary laying work of reinforced material is the bags piled up, wrapped and fill compaction, the concrete construction process is as follows: first, before constructing the grille, the constructors should first compact and smooth the site, so as to avoid the existence of some hard outburst material or part of debris in the placement area. Second, the construction workers put the geogrid cut out according to the design length flatly on the ground, requiring the grid to overlap along the direction of the line, the lap length is 5cm, at the same time, nylon rope is used to tie up and connect the grille. In order to ensure that the lap position is in line with the actual needs of the construction plan, a binding point is usually needed after the interval 10cm to 15cm. Third, the construction personnel will be in accordance with the construction plan is completely filled with sacks, stacked in a predetermined position retaining wall at the bottom of the left before the return length will be completely folded back to the bag package, then press. Fourth, construction personnel uses tensioning equipment fully tighten the laid geogrids, confirming there is no folding on geogrids and using nailing to fix the free end of geogrids. Fifth, after the builders have finished the work of laying the geogrid, the geogrid should be immediately to filled with earth material . This work link shall be completed within two days. Sixth, the packing is placed on the free end of the geogrid with the loading equipment, and the bulldozer is used to carry out the push flat working according to the cross section of the line. In the above construction links, the construction personnel shall not turn over the grille or touch the grille, if the thickness of the overburden on the grille is not reaching 30cm, then the builders shall not use bulldozers to push the soil along the line. The order of roller compaction is as follows: first we finish rolling the outer side, then compacted the inner side, while the thickness of the virtual paving of the fill reaches 30cm, it’s need to carry out the layered compaction. the thickness of the soil layer is about 15cm to 25cm after compaction, and the compaction degree should be no less than 93%.

2.3.Slope vegetation

First, the construction workers should check the quality of cultivated soil, confirm whether there are roots and stones and other hard objects in the cultivated soil, if there is existence, it’s need to screen the rooted soil. Second, grass seed formula. The bermuda grass, tall fescue and amorpha fruticosa linn as the main plant, the number of the seeds per unit area are as follows, bermudagrass 7.5g and tall fescue 12.5g, amorpha fruticosa linn 7.5g. Third, the amount of fertilizer used. The compound fertilizer is used as the material, and the content of N, P and K in the compound fertilizer is not less than 45%, and the amount of fertilizer in the unit area is from 60g to 80g. Fourth, mix. Construction personnel to per kilogram of soil mixed in the weight of 4 kg of fertilizer, and the placement of tall fescue seeds, weight of 7 kg; Bermuda grass, weighs about 5.5 kilograms, amorpha fruticosa linn, weight of 5.5 kg. And then mix, if the mixing process is considered too dry, the constructors can appropriately add a certain amount of water.

2.4.Installation of all kinds of equipment

The construction personnel should set up the observation elements in the position specified in the construction scheme, and the more commonly used observation equipment include the deformation equipment of the reinforcement material and the earth pressure box and so on. During the inbuilt process, the constructors need to set up the following contents: First, installing the section of test facility. When the degree of compaction meets the requirements of the construction plan, the builders should leveling the surface. Second, the soil pressure box is placed directly on the leveling soil surface, and then the geotextile woven bag filled sand is cover the soil pressure box. Third, the construction personnel prior to the installation of flexible sensing equipment must first and then placed below the grid plate, in accordance with the design of the position of the specified location sensing devices placed and clamped to the grille, and the grille taut, until after the sensing device can test the deformation of tiny. The thickness of the fill shall not be less than 40cm when the parts are installed with the testing equipment. When the thickness of the fill is determined by this standard, the rolling work can be carried out.


Geogrid reinforced earth retaining wall has been applied in actual engineering in recent years. Some construction workers are still not familiar with the construction method in actual construction, and how to apply it. Therefore, the constructors should make clear the concrete construction process of the construction technology and the details that need to be paid attention to in the construction, so as to ensure the overall quality of the construction.

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